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Sunday Bulletin

June 4th, 2023

Family Worship, Graduation and Promotion Sunday

Order of Worship

Welcome and Prayer

Songs of Praise

As you are able, please stand for these portions of the service

Passing of the Peace


Prayer for the Offering


Jeremiah 29:1-14


"The Promise of a Bright Future"

Rev. Larry Kim

Celebration of the Lord's Supper

Rev. Sung Chang

Graduation and Promotion Sunday

Closing Praise


Discussion Questions

1. Pentecost (first harvest of wheat) was celebrated ______ days
after the last harvest of barley.

2. The Pentecostal church is a __________________ church in
mind in purpose.

3. The Pentecostal church __________________ together.

4. The Pentecostal church is __________________ with the
Holy Spirit.

5. The Pentecostal church ___________________ the gospel
without compromise.

6. The Pentecostal church is a ___________________ church.

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